I love winters but there is a dislike in me for this weather because it makes my skin really dry and non-glowy. Few days back my skin started developing some kind of pigmentation/marks. Well all thanks to my pimples (that’s where the marks came from), now you know!


Viola! I saw this fabindia de-pigmentation cream in one of the stores and well, you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do!  Not that I had used this type of cream earlier. So I started using this twice a day i.e., in the morning and before going to bed in the night after washing my face with lukewarm water.


Within a week this showed really good results on my face. The pimple marks on my face reduced to almost 70-80% and I am still using it. fabindia’s got really good and skin friendly products plus this cream is for all skin types. 

A no filter before and after (the best I could do).

This product contains vitamin E which is really good for all skin types.  It evens your skin tone and reduces the blemishes if any. The best part about it is that it doesn’t contain any bleach, which according to me is really good because bleach makes my skin more prone to pimples.

The MRP on the box is Rs. 490 which is well,  not bad for the pocket! And if there is a discount, gosh you’re lucky (I didn’t get any).

Don’t forget to drink lots of water! Keep glowing and stay blemish free!

Happy winters! !


What’s Your Job Designation?!

We all have heard the expression once (actually many) in our lives that everything which happens, happens for good. Well.. it is nothing but a comfort that we seek and get in these lines. Failure doesn’t come that easy, it has its own procedure. The procedure can differ from time to time and from situation to situation. For instance, you get hired – you are happy and then suddenly one day you are kicked out of the job that you loved in a single day. That’s when you comprehend, not everything in which you give your hundred percent adheres to you no matter how vigorously you try. 

If I talk about myself, I am not really a LinkedIn person but I thought to give it a try and trust me guys, I failed a big time. So.. I click on “Join” and the moment I do it, it felt like it’s not that hard for me to be a ‘LinkedIn person’. Perhaps, I was left to wonder for a long long time, I still am in dilemma. Screenshot (2)  

As soon as this page opened I was stung to confusion. I mean, I am a Mass Communication student, creative, I have good communication skills, I can write well (pretty much), I can give awareness training to people, I can consult and also I can create designs in multiple software (amazing! right? :p ). Yeah, I am pretty much done with the bragging but again.. what in the world should I select as my job designation? 


Ah! life gets tough here. Lucky are those who are ‘LinkedIn people’, I envy you guys. I am 24 and still so confused regarding my “job profile”  (this is what we call it). You know what? It’s okay. It is okay to be confused sometimes to reach where you want to. Do you know where you want to really reach? I know the answer, we all know the answer to this question, “Up There”. 

My “up there” cannot be decided by my LinkedIn page and to be true I haven’t figured it out yet. But I will find a way and so will you. So what’s your “Up There”? 


Let me know in the comments below!!

Black Stilettos, Old Women and Choices

So I walked in this footwear store and let my eyes sweep in the vicinity to have their treat, which was due on me from a long time. My eyes, oh well I had a bad squint and my feet were tickling with joy to get inside those shiny new shoes (any of them). Boots, Pumps, Loafers, Flat slippers, sneakers, stilettos, wedges, in every shade of red, blue, green, yellow, beige, black etc. For some unknown reasons, I have an evergreen attraction towards full-length black boots. I usually prefer footwear with minimal heel perhaps for a change my eyes glued to these 6-inch shiny black stilettos.29d681f64fc5cb9db8ab202f3e80ac57
While my heart was going through a laborious time convincing my mind to go for the heels, there walked in some women aged between grandma and grandma’s friends! There I was standing on one side of the shelf full of shoes and on the other, were they. Looking for the same thing but differently. As I started with the shiny and fancy ones they started with the least fancy and shiny ones with no heels at all. Our choice was way too divergent.
As I continued to accolade the pair that I had in my hands, the lady came up to me and homaged me for having a satisfying choice. I could see in her eyes that she loved the pair as much as I did, but there was something that was holding her back from purchasing those. I insisted her to give it a shot, but she denied saying that she was too old for it. There might be many justifications such as the age factor, maybe she thought she cannot pull them off at this age or what the society would say. Yeah, it’s true! People judge you by any way they can, may it be your clothes, shoes, your tattoos, and even your hair.
The shine in her eyes for those stilettos left me wondering for hours and I decided since then that I would never in my life, compromise with the little things which I want to do or buy for myself that make me feel happy. For a woman, the love for shoe and clothes can never succumb. She surely was the youngest at heart amongst any of us present there, it was just the wrinkles on her face that stopped her from feeling young from the outside.
Our society’s blueprint has been set as such that we say it or not, at some point in time in our lives, when the years pass and we age, we feel trapped in our own body as if it belongs to someone else. We want to enjoy, have fun again but something just stops us. According to me, it’s the fear of chattering lip gloss mouths and wandering eyes.
Why do we stop enjoying our lives at first? Why do we stop doing things that make us feel good, sanguine and happy? Since when have we started to feel cornered in our own skin? Since when we have drawn this thick line of a “to do” and “not to do” list and formed these age groups when it comes to happiness?! When did it start? There is a starting point for everything.
My mom doesn’t wear bright reds, she thinks it is not her “age” to wear bright colors like that, ignoring the fact how beautiful she looks in it and how much she loves it.
I don’t know if this blog post makes sense to any of you reading this but I hope somebody somewhere reading this could relate to it. Footwear is such a small thing but you know as they say, small things that can make you the happiest, those are the things that count in life. We never know what the other person is going through in their life, for us, our matters and troubles are gigantic.
So the lady and her friends left with boxes of the footwear “matching” their “age”, and for me, how could have I caved-in? I walked off with the same pair I wanted to and with the hope of all of us, breaking free from all the barriers that we have spawned.
Happy Freedom People!


Bottom Hugging Pants and Naked Legs

Since the comments on Priyanka Chopra’s photograph with Honourable Prime Minister broke the internet, it became mandatory for me to write this post. This substantiates that no matter how successful you are as a person, you would always be judged by what you wear as a woman. No matter how covered you are from the upper half of your body if your bottom half is showing…Well, Lady.. may the good Lord save you and deliver you from people (Amen).

It was the first day at the office and I wore a beautiful blue and black formal dress covered from my neck to my knees. Unaware of what was coming my way (to make it sound more dramatic), I sat on my desk feeling confident and happy about the new beginning. Later that day, I was called up by my boss in his office explaining to me why I shouldn’t be wearing a dress like that in office. The whole matter was about the people in the office not being able to digest my beautiful hairless toned legs.

My boss is a smashingly cool human but at that point of time, I was taken aback by the comments made on my clothes. Later I understood what he meant. All he wanted for me was to stay protected / safe and to be away from those meandering eyes, for all one knows, Delhi is so unsafe. But why cannot I wear what I want to? In this hot weather, I too want to feel the cold breeze and the air from the fan playing with my sleek legs.

Well.. we cannot overlook the fact that we live in an imposter society where you can wear a bottom nestling trouser, legging, long skirt which tightly hugs your buttocks whereas, showing your calf and ankle is a hell no. Viola! You are dishonoring the Prime Minister. What about all the aunties who would die to see you wrapped up in a saree showing off your belly, your sexy waist? On the other hand, you wearing a crop top is something they cannot abide.

I can go on and on with this. The point is that everything comes down to just one thing, “A Pair of Beautiful Hairless Legs”. Come on you people, they’re just legs, part of your body which help you to walk, run, sit and stand. The only difference between a female’s leg and a male’s leg is the hair which comes with it. Females wax/ shave/ remove them and guys don’t (well.. nowadays many shave too). Oh! not to forget their masculinity is in their body hair. 😛

For those who think that rape “happens” (it just happens) because of a woman’s clothing, the recent assault on a woman covered in Burqa from head to toe must have been a mirage because you know what they say –  “No Skin Show, No Rape”.

Happy Leg Flaunting Ladies! ❤

pexels-photo-25748 (1)


Hijab And Fashion: Blended And Harmonized

The niece of Prophet Muhammad’s wife, Aisha bint Talha, when requested by her husband to wear a veil replied, “Since the Almighty hath put on me the stamp of beauty, it is my wish that the public should view the beauty and thereby recognize His grace unto them. On no account, therefore, will I veil myself”
(Reese, Lyn. “Women in the Muslim World: Personalities and Perspectives From the Past”).

Veiling wasn’t considered as a religious symbol, perhaps a status symbol for the rich class, before Angel Gabriel voiced to the Prophet.

The capaciousness of what a woman should do is quite debatable. With/without a veil, the Hijabi women are successful in blending and harmonizing fashion with Islam.

Such an accessible task it is to know about a person, by a piece of fabric draped over his/ her body.. which defines that person’s style statement. We then juxtapose that individual’s style with the latest “fashion”.

Gianni Versace once said, “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”  Seems like the girls have heard this quite vociferously and are following Versace quite religiously!

Now let us heave some gloss on the Islamic Fashion. What comes to our mind? The Hijabs, Abayas, Burkas and the floor touching dresses. Perhaps so much there is, to choose from the rest of the fashion world! The bodycon dresses, mini skirts, high waist jeans, shirts, skirts, shoes, overcoats, slit skirts, and tons and tons of the other drapery.

Alas! So unfair would that be if today’s woman, who shouts her mind.. doesn’t let her style speak. Voila! there she goes again, finding a way to look fabulous expressing by the way she dresses and who she is!

Two different worlds, thousands of debates: Can fashion and Islam go hand in hand?! Absconding all the debates and arguments abaft, today’s Muslim women are all ready to set fire on the fashion passageway.


How flabbergasted these two seeing sources of my body were when they saw the two worlds pulverize. The Islamic Fashion has grown incredibly all these years.

Below are some of the looks that really caught my eye:

  • These casual Hijab looks are so in trend and can be worn just as elegantly as one would want. Pairing up the Hijab with fitted jeans seems to work the magic!




  • Funkier and cooler look: Well.. this is how one can carry a more casual and cool look wearing a Hijab!





  • The Let Go: Now this look is more of a let go, comfortable one.





  • The Bodycon: There are so many styles of how the Hijab can be wrapped around your head. The bodycon dresses are one of the styles that never fade away and a Hijab added can work wonders for those who cover their heads.




  • Loose Tops and Lowers: Talking about casual, how can one forget about loose tops and lowers!  Pair a top and a lower in contrast or match it up with the Hijab and you are good to go.



  • Magnetic Gowns and Belts: How doll-like do you wanna look?! The best way to rock the Hijab with the gowns is here. Adding a belt does all the magic!




  • The Three Piece: The Hijab, blouse and a long skirt, the three piece. Try to stop complementing if you can!




  • Cultural Blend: Now this is a masterpiece! Personally my favorite look with a blend of two cultures. The Bindi, the Hijab and the Saree.. who’d have thought this could be such an amazing amalgamation!


The world may judge you by what you drape, or maybe because you don’t fit in the criterion that they’ve created. The alone person you need to hold elated is yourself and you are the most complacent, when in your own skin! 
Wear what you wanna wear and slay! 

Gender-less Ever After

Nose ring + Beard + Lipstick = Me” said he (as we’d characterize) with a very strange and vibrant glow in those big brown eyes. One could see his hands floating in the air like beautiful swans, while his sublimely chocolate painted lips sang a unique song of his life felicitously. There he sat on the grey colored sofa like an elegant lady with his legs crossed, as a beautiful queen who pretty much had control over her kingdom.

His nicely shampooed hair fell on his forehead and he didn’t mind them playing with him. There was exclusively this “not so manly- not so feminine” voice in the room and the molecules in the air seemed happy spreading it across the hallway. One’s ears wouldn’t mind listening to him for hours, such is his scent. Oh! the scent reminds me of his habit of bathing (well.. not literally) in his favorite Burberry perfume, which he always carries with himself.

Goodness, gracious! Our “men” be saved when he walks down those beautiful- staring, judging, harassing, stereotypical, hypocrite streets. Not to mention the streets are his ramp where his beard should be well brushed, his nose ring- properly placed, his dark painted lips- pouty enough and his clothes- unisex enough! His walk complements his look and those staring eyes encourage him to be whatever he is.

So what are the exact feelings behind this glamorous, shiny beautiful dark skinned face? What’s behind that pearly wide smile which can take hearts of many, melt them and even sabotage. What’s behind those attractive big brown innocent eyes? Was I thinking too much or was I just curious like others to know “WHAT IS THIS PERSON”?

With plenty of questions in my mind, I asked him, “Babe, what gender would you describe yours?”. Leaving me stung to silence he said, “Neither am I too manly to be called a man, nor too feminine to be called a woman. I don’t fit in your pink and blue boxes”. Somewhere in between is he, perhaps very confident about who he is.

A blossoming, talented, smart and adept mind is left to wander around once again searching for survival. An adroit voice and accent trainer, relationship manager and also a writer is extruded from his work. Why? There are countless “Whys” perhaps the answer is only one, ACCEPTANCE! We don’t accept something that is different. May it be a bad different or a good different, we have a tendency to neglect any and everything that is beyond our understanding or which doesn’t fit in the boxes that we have created!

Rejects to be referred as a “Mr” or “Ms”, he has quite smartly chosen “Mix” for himself. A mix of both male and female. I cannot forget him saying, “Whenever I wake up and look at my wardrobe, I ask myself – how much are you ready to be street harassed today?” Expressing one’s true self should be envisaged a beautiful thing, not a transgression.

“Mr” is preeminence, excellence whereas, “Ms” is still trying to keep up with all those big words. Where does “Mix” stand? Do we even know if a Mix exists or we know and try to keep ourselves away from this realism like all the other things if not ignored can make a difference in this world! What’s the fault of a person if that individual sometimes feels like a boy and sometimes feel like a girl? Sometimes it’s a blue on the palette and other times it’s pink or sometimes none!

Blue for a boy, pink for a girl. What’s the color for a Mix?!! Well.. I’d say let it be black, a beautiful color, a mixture of all, absorbs all. All the blues, pinks, reds, greens, yellows are the colors of my Mix! Full of brilliance, full of colors yet so sublime. Dwells in whom both the genders, perhaps no sign of arrogance such is my Mix and my Mix chooses to be GENDER-LESS EVER AFTER

Be Awesome. Read and Spread The Love!


Some of them are seen walking on the streets or sitting and laying down on the footpaths. Though some stand away from the crowd and watch big cars cross by. Their lousy dropped down eyes have nothing but despair and rejection in them. Well, they have their own reasons for living like this or maybe they had no other preference. It won’t be fair to call them beggars; I’d rather call them ‘Travelers in Rags’.

The other day I was traveling on a metro train in new Delhi, which was full like a beehive. I pushed my way through the crowd to sit, guess I was lucky. After one or two stations there was a sudden brawl in the horde. As I changed my view to see what was happening I saw two people in ragged clothes. A barefooted woman with her blind husband walked through the metro train nonchalantly without asking or saying anything. The mass divided itself into two parts just like the river Nile made way for Moses while he was crossing it. My eye swept across these mass of faces.Stamped on their faces was a look of anger, some disgust, horror and some felt sorry for them, while some were just wondering like me. There was silence in the horde for some time and in the background, one could hear the soft whining of the train. The human sound was stung to silence.

Source: Facebook
The evident question is that what was so different about the whole situation. Is it their shattered clothes? Or the fact that we are not used to seeing travelers like these in places like these. Travelers like these are seen with all types of questioning eyes. Shouldn’t we feel good that the metro is so convenient and cheap that anyone can afford to travel in air conditioning? Are we not prepared to see something like this or we just don’t want to see it at all.
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