Hijab And Fashion: Blended And Harmonized

The niece of Prophet Muhammad’s wife, Aisha bint Talha, when requested by her husband to wear a veil replied, “Since the Almighty hath put on me the stamp of beauty, it is my wish that the public should view the beauty and thereby recognize His grace unto them. On no account, therefore, will I veil myself”
(Reese, Lyn. “Women in the Muslim World: Personalities and Perspectives From the Past”).

Veiling wasn’t considered as a religious symbol, perhaps a status symbol for the rich class, before Angel Gabriel voiced to the Prophet.

The capaciousness of what a woman should do is quite debatable. With/without a veil, the Hijabi women are successful in blending and harmonizing fashion with Islam.

Such an accessible task it is to know about a person, by a piece of fabric draped over his/ her body.. which defines that person’s style statement. We then juxtapose that individual’s style with the latest “fashion”.

Gianni Versace once said, “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”  Seems like the girls have heard this quite vociferously and are following Versace quite religiously!

Now let us heave some gloss on the Islamic Fashion. What comes to our mind? The Hijabs, Abayas, Burkas and the floor touching dresses. Perhaps so much there is, to choose from the rest of the fashion world! The bodycon dresses, mini skirts, high waist jeans, shirts, skirts, shoes, overcoats, slit skirts, and tons and tons of the other drapery.

Alas! So unfair would that be if today’s woman, who shouts her mind.. doesn’t let her style speak. Voila! there she goes again, finding a way to look fabulous expressing by the way she dresses and who she is!

Two different worlds, thousands of debates: Can fashion and Islam go hand in hand?! Absconding all the debates and arguments abaft, today’s Muslim women are all ready to set fire on the fashion passageway.


How flabbergasted these two seeing sources of my body were when they saw the two worlds pulverize. The Islamic Fashion has grown incredibly all these years.

Below are some of the looks that really caught my eye:

  • These casual Hijab looks are so in trend and can be worn just as elegantly as one would want. Pairing up the Hijab with fitted jeans seems to work the magic!




  • Funkier and cooler look: Well.. this is how one can carry a more casual and cool look wearing a Hijab!





  • The Let Go: Now this look is more of a let go, comfortable one.





  • The Bodycon: There are so many styles of how the Hijab can be wrapped around your head. The bodycon dresses are one of the styles that never fade away and a Hijab added can work wonders for those who cover their heads.




  • Loose Tops and Lowers: Talking about casual, how can one forget about loose tops and lowers!  Pair a top and a lower in contrast or match it up with the Hijab and you are good to go.



  • Magnetic Gowns and Belts: How doll-like do you wanna look?! The best way to rock the Hijab with the gowns is here. Adding a belt does all the magic!




  • The Three Piece: The Hijab, blouse and a long skirt, the three piece. Try to stop complementing if you can!




  • Cultural Blend: Now this is a masterpiece! Personally my favorite look with a blend of two cultures. The Bindi, the Hijab and the Saree.. who’d have thought this could be such an amazing amalgamation!


The world may judge you by what you drape, or maybe because you don’t fit in the criterion that they’ve created. The alone person you need to hold elated is yourself and you are the most complacent, when in your own skin! 
Wear what you wanna wear and slay! 

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