Pride Of The Knowns

I have a dinky bit of lightning left in me. It was way more glistening when I started. Things are getting worse as the days are fleeting. I comprehend that I may not be able to live alone perhaps it will be better than living with people I don’t wanna live with! I cannot decide what or how am I going to do things and make myself “settled” as this is the only thing we live for!

Intermittently, well most of the times I feel like migrating to some alien place but then, where else can I be?! I am falling, Oh yes I am falling. I remember how contented I was when I attended the gay pride. Ah! those colorful people all around me, dancing, laughing, hugging, grinning at each other, spreading the love! I wish it didn’t have a deadline. It felt like I was one of those colors of the rainbow on the flag. Conceivably, now I am gawking at my phone’s screen, desiring dad’s call.

Life isn’t atrocious though! Life’s always acceptable, it’s the people who lacerate their own kind! I can still see those people in my mind, their extreme close-ups, talking and laughing out loud just like a movie. But it was way more than the fight for choosing your own sexuality. It was about freedom, freedom from rapes and injustice, fight for women’s rights, bigotry on the basis of class, religion, ability sexual identity, and tribe!

Proud I am today to have attended the pride. Even though I have so many problems in my life, like my broken nail, I took out time from my busy schedule which includes sitting and thinking about how am I going to make my life right. In bits and pieces, I stood up for something which made me feel good about myself again.

 Later that day I realized that people out there are actually fighting to live as their own selves, which is an enormous thing in itself. People like us, the “NORMAL” ones are still tensed wondering about what to eat in the next meal.  On the other hand, the “GLADSOME” are on fire.

Fight for your right! Fight for your tribe.  Happy pride!

Images by: Shivansh Johri


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