Gender-less Ever After

Nose ring + Beard + Lipstick = Me” said he (as we’d characterize) with a very strange and vibrant glow in those big brown eyes. One could see his hands floating in the air like beautiful swans, while his sublimely chocolate painted lips sang a unique song of his life felicitously. There he sat on the grey colored sofa like an elegant lady with his legs crossed, as a beautiful queen who pretty much had control over her kingdom.

His nicely shampooed hair fell on his forehead and he didn’t mind them playing with him. There was exclusively this “not so manly- not so feminine” voice in the room and the molecules in the air seemed happy spreading it across the hallway. One’s ears wouldn’t mind listening to him for hours, such is his scent. Oh! the scent reminds me of his habit of bathing (well.. not literally) in his favorite Burberry perfume, which he always carries with himself.

Goodness, gracious! Our “men” be saved when he walks down those beautiful- staring, judging, harassing, stereotypical, hypocrite streets. Not to mention the streets are his ramp where his beard should be well brushed, his nose ring- properly placed, his dark painted lips- pouty enough and his clothes- unisex enough! His walk complements his look and those staring eyes encourage him to be whatever he is.

So what are the exact feelings behind this glamorous, shiny beautiful dark skinned face? What’s behind that pearly wide smile which can take hearts of many, melt them and even sabotage. What’s behind those attractive big brown innocent eyes? Was I thinking too much or was I just curious like others to know “WHAT IS THIS PERSON”?

With plenty of questions in my mind, I asked him, “Babe, what gender would you describe yours?”. Leaving me stung to silence he said, “Neither am I too manly to be called a man, nor too feminine to be called a woman. I don’t fit in your pink and blue boxes”. Somewhere in between is he, perhaps very confident about who he is.

A blossoming, talented, smart and adept mind is left to wander around once again searching for survival. An adroit voice and accent trainer, relationship manager and also a writer is extruded from his work. Why? There are countless “Whys” perhaps the answer is only one, ACCEPTANCE! We don’t accept something that is different. May it be a bad different or a good different, we have a tendency to neglect any and everything that is beyond our understanding or which doesn’t fit in the boxes that we have created!

Rejects to be referred as a “Mr” or “Ms”, he has quite smartly chosen “Mix” for himself. A mix of both male and female. I cannot forget him saying, “Whenever I wake up and look at my wardrobe, I ask myself – how much are you ready to be street harassed today?” Expressing one’s true self should be envisaged a beautiful thing, not a transgression.

“Mr” is preeminence, excellence whereas, “Ms” is still trying to keep up with all those big words. Where does “Mix” stand? Do we even know if a Mix exists or we know and try to keep ourselves away from this realism like all the other things if not ignored can make a difference in this world! What’s the fault of a person if that individual sometimes feels like a boy and sometimes feel like a girl? Sometimes it’s a blue on the palette and other times it’s pink or sometimes none!

Blue for a boy, pink for a girl. What’s the color for a Mix?!! Well.. I’d say let it be black, a beautiful color, a mixture of all, absorbs all. All the blues, pinks, reds, greens, yellows are the colors of my Mix! Full of brilliance, full of colors yet so sublime. Dwells in whom both the genders, perhaps no sign of arrogance such is my Mix and my Mix chooses to be GENDER-LESS EVER AFTER

Be Awesome. Read and Spread The Love!

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