Some of them are seen walking on the streets or sitting and laying down on the footpaths. Though some stand away from the crowd and watch big cars cross by. Their lousy dropped down eyes have nothing but despair and rejection in them. Well, they have their own reasons for living like this or maybe they had no other preference. It won’t be fair to call them beggars; I’d rather call them ‘Travelers in Rags’.

The other day I was traveling on a metro train in new Delhi, which was full like a beehive. I pushed my way through the crowd to sit, guess I was lucky. After one or two stations there was a sudden brawl in the horde. As I changed my view to see what was happening I saw two people in ragged clothes. A barefooted woman with her blind husband walked through the metro train nonchalantly without asking or saying anything. The mass divided itself into two parts just like the river Nile made way for Moses while he was crossing it. My eye swept across these mass of faces.Stamped on their faces was a look of anger, some disgust, horror and some felt sorry for them, while some were just wondering like me. There was silence in the horde for some time and in the background, one could hear the soft whining of the train. The human sound was stung to silence.

Source: Facebook
The evident question is that what was so different about the whole situation. Is it their shattered clothes? Or the fact that we are not used to seeing travelers like these in places like these. Travelers like these are seen with all types of questioning eyes. Shouldn’t we feel good that the metro is so convenient and cheap that anyone can afford to travel in air conditioning? Are we not prepared to see something like this or we just don’t want to see it at all.
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